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If you're FED UP with gaining weight, struggling to take it off, having an even harder time keeping it off, wasting your time on crazy diets and pills that in the long run never work and compromise your health, then you are in the right place!

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Dear Friend,

What I'm about to say may really
shock you.

If you've had trouble losing weight and keeping it off, for the very first time you're about to
discover the exact reason why. And believe me it's no accident that what I'm about to
reveal is information you've probably never heard before.

The fact is, there are far too many people making an absolute fortune keeping the
following inconvenient truth a secret:

The main reason you are overweight is NOT because of your consumption of excess
calories, bad luck in the genetic lottery, personal or work related stress –– or any of
the other usual "explanations".

And it's really not your fault that you are overweight.

Unfortunately, you are the victim of two very powerful and hidden forces at work 24/7
to keep you in that condition.

The actual reason you have struggled to lose weight and keep it off is that you have a
cesspool of toxic substances lodged in your body that literally attract fat and hold on
to it like a magnet!

Not only are these toxic substances "fat magnets;" they are actively cultivating
disease in your body, draining your energy, and making you addicted to eating foods
that just go on making you fatter!

Since I'm a doctor who specializes in natural remedies, my main concern is not only
your appearance, but your overall health.

So, if you really want to lose weight it's essential that you recognize that being
overweight isn't just a weight problem, it's a health problem, and a rather serious one
that you simply can't afford to ignore.

I would be awfully remiss if I didn't tell you that...

The overwhelming majority of weight loss products (and diets) on the market can
actually leave you in worse health than you were before you tried them. And that's even
if you did succeed in losing weight! Not to mention that the pounds you lose normally
come right back on, with interest!

Appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, Atkins Diet, low fat diets, high fat diets,
South Beach diets, Hollywood diets and hundreds of other "solutions" pose a serious
threat to your health. (I explain why below).

So how do you distinguish a safe, valid weight loss method from a fraud?
It’s very simple. A valid weight loss method is one that’s PROVEN to work. and when I
say "work" I mean significantly reduce your weight AND cause a measurable improvement
in your health.

And in the world of science the ONLY THING that proves the effectiveness of something
is a valid RESEARCH STUDY. It's what licensed research physicians use to separate fact
from fiction.

NuLean—20 pounds in 6 weeks!
"I had to lose 20 pounds to fit into my wedding dress.... I saw dramatic inch losses on
my problem areas which was my thighs and my lower half... On any other diet it has
never happened!" - Sky B....

The Medical Research Study showed that the
average person lost 7.5 pounds in the very
first week of doing the program! They also had
significant improvements in their blood work, and a
resurgence of health and well being!

If you are over weight you have a toxic body. In fact, if you live in America you have
a toxic body! This is not just an opinion.

According to the Environmental Working Group, 100% of Americans are toxic.

In fact, there is a new official medical term for this horrifying condition: Body Burden.

Toxicity studies were done on people by testing their blood and urine. 171 industrial
chemicals, pesticides and solvents were found in the average person who participated in
the studies.

In one study published by the Environmental Working Group, 287 commercial chemicals,
pesticides, and pollutants were found in the umbilical cord blood from newborn infants,
randomly selected by the Red Cross from U.S. hospitals!

Now. Guess what THE most visible symptom of toxicity is in the body?

It's fat!

In today's society, fat is not just a sign of over-eating; it's a symptom of a toxic body!

There is a widespread misconception that the government is looking out for us relating to toxins in our food and environment.

The fact is, the U.S. government hasn't updated its chemical policies in thirty years.
Coincidentally, the vast majority of chemicals found in our air, water, food and
cosmetics have been developed over the last thirty years! The government simply doesn't
have sufficient resources to test and keep up with the accelerated pace that chemical
toxins are being developed and dumped into the products we consume and the water we

The EPA states that 4 billion pounds of toxins have been released into our environment.
That comes out to an average of about 15 pounds of toxins in each person!
Have you ever met someone who eats lots of fresh vegetables and still gains weight?
Perhaps this describes you.

But how can this be?
How can vegetables make you fat?

The truth is, that seemingly innocent salad isn't just made of vegetables. It's
vegetables heavily sprayed with deadly toxins!

According to the US Geological Survey:

• 38 different chemicals can be found in a common grocery store head of lettuce!

• 41 toxins in cucumber!

• And 51 toxins in tomatoes!

Unless you are a saint that only eats organic food, drinks purified water, doesn't use
any cosmetics and breathes air in a purified bubble –– and you've been doing these
things all your life –– then your body is riddled with toxins!

Look, we live in a chemical world. Just fifty years ago the average person weighed 25
pounds less than they do today. Are we heavier now just because we consume more
calories? Hardly. Today we are fatter because our bodies are overburdened with the
accumulation of these toxins. They are making us fat and making us sick.

The American Cancer Society says that up to 75% of cancer cases are caused by
environmental factors. To a large degree, that's because people's bodies cannot
eliminate the toxins I have mentioned in this article.

Here is list of diseases that relate to toxins in the body.

• Immune system diseases,

• Neurological disorders,

• Digestive disorders,

• Hormonal imbalances,

• Diabetes,

• Cardiovascular diseases,

• Cancer,

• Musculoskeletal disorders,

• Chronic low energy,

• And, of course, obesity.

< Once in your body, toxins do four things that help manufacture fat:

1. Slows down your metabolism.

2. Decreases your body’s ability to burn fat.

3. Slows down the time it takes for you to feel full (this is called the satiety response time).

4. Traps fat in the body.
In my search for a natural cleanse, I have only run across one that is backed by a
valid Medical Research Study. The NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse was tested at a
major University by a team of doctors. Not only did the participants doing the cleanse
rapidly and uniformly lose substantial weight, laboratory blood work on each
participant before and after one week of cleansing indicated significant improvement in
several key categories of health including:
• Average glucose measurement per person dropped by 3.7%

• Average total cholesterol per person dropped by 5%.

• The average loss in triglyceride per person was 19.3%.

The Medical Study also indicated that after just one week of doing the The NuLean
Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse, the average weight loss per person was 7.5 pounds.

All of this proves that the NuLean Cleanse...

1. Causes rapid loss of excess weight.

2. Works to help make you healthier!

It is for these reasons that I use The NuLean Wellness Weight-Loss Cleanse exclusively on my patients.

Dr. Price is conventionally educated as a doctor of chiropractic with post graduate studies in natural health care. Pastoral Medicine is a Professional Blend of Scriptural Health Wisdom with Leading Edge Science. He strongly believes that an effective system of healthcare is one that blends scriptural insight for health with science, a system referred to as “pastoral medicine”. This is an offering of pastoral health services and should not be confused with state regulated services. Dr. Price practices as a Natural Healthcare provider and not as a chiropractor. Dr. Kirk Price, D.PSc. - PMA License #11181542 Pastoral Medical Assoc -
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