New You Program

Remember When You Were 25 & INVINCIBLE? Let Dr. Price Help You Get Back the "NEW YOU". Imagine how it would be to have that old strength and stamina, to be able to run again, to be able to Play with Your Grand-kids, to travel, to keep your independence...

About Dr.Kirk

Dr. Kirk has struggled with his own health his entire life. He almost died several times before the age of 7. He started out fighting for his life, then as a teenager he fought to try to get to average health. As an adult he fought to get above average health. He has been fighting for his patients for over 30 years to help them live better, happier more productive lives. Now he is at the top 1% percent for health for his age. At almost 60 years of age, Dr. Kirk has discovered the things to help him and you have more energy, sleep better and have the beach body you've always wanted. If you're over 40 and want to do more, travel more and enjoy your family more, then learn more about his "NEW YOU" program

Get Your Little Kid Energy Back Get Back To That Caveman Sleep Get Back That Beach Body

Getting your body healthy

  • The Single Biggest Sleeping Mistake That’s Robbing Your Energy
  • Do you need to sleep longer each night? Actually, this answer will probably surprise you. (I’ll how much you need and how my patients have changed there sleeping habits)
  • A New Breakthrough That Makes You Lose Fat & Raise Energy While Watching TV, I Know It’s Weird, But It’s True
  • Is Exercise Zapping Your Energy?​The Exact Amount & Type To do so it won’t zap your energy
  • Short Cut for better Nutrition, Even if You Don’t Eat That Good
  • Plus, a free training video to help you start increasing your energy today

Real People...Real Results

Listen to our patients real results and learn about the dramatic changes, miracles and fast weight loss.

What Would You Do... ...If You Felt Like You Did When You Were 25!

Learn Dr. Kirk ‘s 5 Pillars:

Miracle Grow Nutrition

Dynamica  Fitness

Beach Body

Natural Stress Blockers

Caveman Sleep

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Dr. Kirk Price practices as a natural healthcare provider. His PMA license # is 1181542. Services for members only.

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